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Is a mini-split a correct fit for your house?

There are many times when installing a traditional heating or cooling system is simply not the best solution for providing a comfortable indoor temperature, A mini-split system offers the convenience of quiet, typically much more energy-efficient heating and cooling without the need to install bulky ductwork. Modifying ductwork to reach a garage conversion, new addition or converted porch is not always feasible. This type of home comfort system uses a condenser that is installed outside as well as an air handler unit installed inside to control the zone(s)/room(s) temperature. Several zone(s)/room(s) can be adjusted independently. This allows easy temperature adjustment for rooms that tend to never be cool enough or warm enough to keep every family member comfortable.


Your Comfort Heating & A.C., A professional HVAC company, offers fast installation/replacement of mini-split systems in Brigham city and the surrounding area. You’ll enjoy a comfortable indoor environment with the money-saving advantage of an energy-efficient mini-split system.

Ductless Mini Splits(also called room air conditioners, mini-split, or ductless systems)

HVAC Systems vs traditional HVAC, heating(also called a furnace, heater unit, heating system or Unit heater)and air conditioning (also called whole-house air conditioners or split system air conditioners, central air or cooling system)

Mini-splits HVAC systems cost less to install than traditional heating and air conditioning units

Mini-splits can be half the cost of a traditional furnace and AC install because you have to install ductwork, gas line, flue, etc.

Mini-splits are higher efficiency than traditional air conditioning units

Most Mini-splits are about 15-33 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), where the Traditional Cooling unit is about 13-26 SEER


Disadvantages of mini-split

Mini-splits heating and air conditioning units are made for small areas up to about 1,250 sq ft, where a traditional heating and air conditioning unit can possibly cool over 2,500 sq ft and heat about 6,000 sq ft.


For the Brigham City area, there’s nothing lower cost per BTU therm of heat than a high efficient furnace Utah has amount the cheapest natural gas prices in the country    


Ductless Mini Splits AC Systems vs Window mount AC systems


Higher efficacy

Window-mounted air conditioners (also called room air conditioners) aren’t particularly efficient; about 10-12 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are significantly more efficient, at about 15-33 SEER.


Also, who wants to take the window mount AC system out every fall and put them back in every spring or pay higher heating bills by leaving it in the window all winter long, also the spiders' ants and wasps that crawl throw the gappy vinyl side curtain.  


High pitched whining window mount AC system doesn’t allow homeowners to sleep at night, have to turn the TV volume up, and yell over the unit when talking.


More Comfort

While you have 3-7 window mounted cooling units in your house one room is freezing and another room is hot


Better Warranty

Window mount AC systems typically come with a 1 yr warranty vs 12 yrs on many Ductless Mini Splits AC Systems